Abstract submission

Abstract submission is now open

Please send your abstract to: nugo@agroscope.admin.ch

Please use the template instructions below.

J. Firstauthor1, R.D. Secondauthor2 and R.F. Lastauthor3
1 Institute/Department, University, Country
2 Institute/Department, Research Station, Country
3 Institute/Department, Company, Country
email address of presenting author

Max length of the abstract text: 400 words
No indentation, figures, tables, references or acknowledgements

I like to present my work in the following session:
Session 1 – Food and diet composition
Session 2 – Food and diet intake
Session 3 – Food and diet: metabolism and function
Session 4 – Nutritional epidemiology
Session 5 – Public health nutrition strategies: toward personalized nutrition?
Session 6 – Miscellaneous (for posters only)

Type of presentation:
( ) oral presentation (and early career oral presentation*)
( ) poster

*Early career oral presentation: Masters/PhD students or researchers <7yrs post PhD

Deadlines for abstract submission
16.6.2019 Abstract oral presentation (abstract template)
11.8.2019 Abstract poster presentation (abstract template)